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Our control systems and their designs are based on your needs and the different ways you use the spaces involved. Control systems can be hard wired, or in a retrofit situation, can often be installed without any cutting or patching of your exiting walls.

Some options include:
An "all off switch" for the interior lighting for peace of mind, or one switch that turns off all the lights but turns back on just a few that you want on all night.

A preset level of lights to make a room look just like it did when we completed the design installation so you don't have to fiddle with various dimmers and switches to obtain the same result.

We can also integrate our lighting system into your existing or new AV system, have a vacation button that turns off the lights, cycles various lights on and off while you are away, set back the heat or air conditioning, close the drapes and set the alarm system all with just one press of a button.

Exterior lighting can be installed on a timer synchronized to the astronomical clock so that they turn on at sunset and off at a predetermined time or at sunrise.

As you see, the possibilities of what a control system can do are virtually endless. Although there are several systems on the market today, we feel that we use the most flexible and user friendly system, made by Vantage Controls.

Please feel free to call MCK Lighting with any inquiries or questions you may have.

Phone: 203.762.0511 — Email: info@mcklighting.com

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