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Design Process

Our design process starts with a survey of the area and lots of feedback and ideas from clients and designers. Often in lighting there is no one right answer, but rather a feeling or mood to be achieved.

Through conversation, review of the spaces and photographs, we will arrive at a design that is well thought out and in keeping with the information provided to us.

The input of our clients—so important to us—will help determine just how to proceed with the design. We listen intently and provide honest options based on years of experience, offering the best solutions to each unique project.

Our office, located in Wilton, Connecticut, offers
• Traditional hand-drawn plans and specifications

• And/or CAD drawings which allow for quick modifications, additions or deletions.

• Electronic copies of our plans can be plotted, copied or distributed by email as appropriate.

We maintain an ever growing library of catalogs and other information which are used in developing our designs. We encourage our clients to use this library to develop ideas that we can integrate into your project.

Please feel free to call MCK Lighting with any inquiries or questions you may have.

Phone: 203.762.0511 — Email: info@mcklighting.com

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